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Equipment for Geotechnical Engineering

ISSN 1009-282X 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhi zhuang bei zong gong si bei jing tan kuang gong cheng yan jiu suo  
Publisher: di zhi zhuang bei bian ji bu  
Description: Purpose of the magazine: "geological equipment" and strive to fully reflect the geological exploration, geotechnical engineering, mining development, superhard materials and products, and other areas of technological innovation, technology and equipment status and latest achievements in the development; strengthening and promotion of industry, academia, research, with the transmission and exchange of information between and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces; introduction of new technologies at home and abroad, new methods, new materials, new processes, new products, promote the exchange of advanced technology. Readers: including mining, nonferrous metals, metallurgy, coal, nuclear industry, utilities, chemicals, building materials, petroleum, machinery, construction, transport, railways, environmental protection, military and other departments engaged in geological equipment research, design, manufacture and use of other units researchers, technicians, managers and field personnel and construction personnel, as well as tertiary institutions, teachers and students. (Translated by machine.)