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Chinese Journal of Electron Devices

ISSN 1005-9490 
Organizer: dong nan da xue  
Publisher: dian zi qi jian bian ji bu  
Description: This publication introduces the domestic and international disciplines on electronic new theory, new ideas, new technology and the advanced level with the latest research results and technical progress. Academic journal promoting democracy and uphold the principle of double hundred for the promotion of international academic exchanges and promote the rapid development of electronic science and technology and national economic construction. This publication published in vacuum electronics, microwave electronics, optoelectronics, thin film electronics, electronic display technologies, laser and infrared technology, semiconductor physics and devices, integrated circuits and microelectronic technology, fiber technology, vacuum physics and technology, surface analysis technology, sensor technology, electronic materials and components, electric lighting and lighting technology, electronic technology and science in the field of electronics latest research. (Translated by machine.)