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Journal of Geomechanics

ISSN 1006-6616 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhi ke xue yuan di zhi li xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: di zhi li xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, organized public offering of academic journals in order to promote the Li Siguang academic thinking, "realistic, innovation, development" as the purpose of the magazine, the main reported basic and applied geomechanics research in academic, including the crust and mantle structure and tectonic evolution of adult students with the development of geological structures and mineral resources, rock mechanics and the tectonic stress field, tectonic movement and Geodynamics, in particular geological environment and disaster prevention, oil energy geology and fourth geological structure and other aspects of the new century an important achievement. (Translated by machine.)