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Journal of China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology

ISSN 1673-5692 
Organizer: zhong guo dian zi ke xue yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: zhong guo dian zi ke xue yan jiu yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: In order to adapt to the rapid development of electronic information technology and electronic information systems of integrated construction and development of the urgent need to improve our overall field of integrated electronic information system of academic and technical standards for the domestic counterparts to better provide a broad academic exchange platform, while more adapted to national and defense information technology in our hospital research, technological development and personnel training requirements, "Research Institute of China Electronics Science" in 1990 founded the "Electronic Science and Technology Review" on the basis of the journal born out. "Research Institute of China Electronics Science" unit in charge of the PRC Ministry of Information Industry, the organizer of China Institute of Electronics; its International Issues as: ISSN1673-5692, Domestic Issues as: CN11-5401/TN; the use of international Standard 16 format; every 20 bimonthly publication, the national public offering, priced at 30 yuan. Integrated electronic information system mainly published in the field of technical and academic research papers. Hired veteran industry experts, by the Academy of Engineering has been engaged in comprehensive electronic information system of the old experts, and accomplished in this field in recent years, middle-aged experts on the editorial board. NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo as "China Institute of Electronics," wrote the title. To promote the electronic information based on scientific theory and the exchange of cutting-edge technology and research, focusing on theory and practice, should take innovation as the soul, strategy, integration, system into classes, promote original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption further innovation and discover talents, training talents, training talents, and strive to create electronic information science and technology put up an impressive cultural environment, and strive to become the leading academic journals. (Translated by machine.)