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Electronic Technology

ISSN 1000-0755 
Organizer: shang hai shi dian zi xue hui ; shang hai shi tong xin xue hui  
Publisher: dian zi ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: "Electronics" magazine profile, "Electronic Technology" by Shanghai Municipal Science Association, director of Shanghai and Shanghai Institute of Communications and Electronics Association sponsored a technical magazine, founded in 1964, has been Chukan 44 years, 382, Supplement 26. Chinese core journals, is one of the earliest electronic journals, is currently the most authoritative, the largest circulation monthly electronic technology. Publication in Chinese core journals, with the unified Issues, International Serial Number, at home and abroad are issued, the national post office can subscribe, each issue of the more than 50,000. ★ "Electronic Technology" was founded in 19963, the international public offering monthly. ★ publication by the United States, "Engineering Index" (EI) contains ★ Articles, Digital Periodicals Full Text online ★ "China's core journals (selection) database" ★ "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" ★ "Chinese Science Citation Database" source Journals ★ "China Journal Net," "Chinese Academic Journal (CD)", "China SCIENTIFIC source" with the Journal ★ "China Academic Journals Full Text Database Archive" contains ★ outstanding journals. The 21st century is the information age, information industry will become an important industry in the 21st century, constitute several major elements of the information industry is undoubtedly the computer technology, multimedia technology and communication technology, and these three technology and electronic technology are inextricably linked, but also leader in the field of electronics and a barometer of the status of these three technologies can fully reflect the actual situation in the field of electronics, "Electronics" magazine reports focus on positioning themselves in the information technology, will better grasp the information age, keep pace with the times, more timely electronic fields reflect the current hot spots, the latest technology dedicated to the readers, to truly become a mentor readers. Magazine Orientation: electronics, communications, industry, communication platform, the information front, areas of expertise, ideas Heights. "Electronic technology" experts view the main part of the CAS and the Chinese Academy of Engineering point of view, from the macro analysis of domestic and international trade trends in the development of technology for China's electronics, communications, development of authoritative opinion. Interview by industry veteran reporters and correspondents on the hot issues of employment within the industry experts, vendor executives, chief engineer, etc. an exclusive interview to explore the exchange of management experience and technology trends. Interviews with successful business enterprise management, introducing advanced concepts, show business style, establish a corporate image, to promote business development services. Depth analysis of market analysis in various domestic and international market changes the field of communication and direction, and provides forecast market trends. Technical Forum to end users, manufacturers and research institutions point of view, analysis and presentation in the engineering, production and design process of the communication technology trends. Design of application areas of technical design and application of the latest examples. Notice of special exhibitions at home and abroad conference and exhibition, conference, forum; of medium and large professional exhibition, conferences, forums, more in-depth coverage; of exhibitors, exhibition participants before, during, after the show follow-up reports. Industry News: focus on reporting the latest market information at home and abroad, the user needs information. Has some news, but also pay attention to practical results, to meet the reader to grasp the information needs. Special Report Focus attention to hot issues, reports of events, dynamic, professional analysis of deep meaning, in-depth search for a solution. Published supply and demand of domestic and introduced new products, product demand and business information. For business partners to build the most efficient and smooth communication platform. New Book introduces readers to the industry for the latest and most authoritative experts, and the Proceedings for the book. (Translated by machine.)