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Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration

ISSN 1671-3664 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhen ju gong cheng li xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: di zhen gong cheng yu gong cheng zhen dong bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a reflection of the field of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration latest achievements and latest developments in the field of foreign academic journals, designed to promote international academic exchanges, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration promote the development of discipline, reduction of earthquake disasters. Publication by the Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Seismological Bureau organized by the U.S. Institute of Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering (MCEER) and co-biannual. This publication published following a comprehensive review, thematic research papers and scientific presentations: damage assessment of structures and engineering systems, observation and analysis of earthquake, civil infrastructure, seismic hazard and risk analysis, site of the structure and rock soil engineering, buildings and lifeline systems in seismic performance and design principles, structure, control, repair of existing infrastructure systems, strategies, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering and the progress of damping theory, emergency and high-performance sensing and monitoring system material in earthquake engineering, as well as wind, wave good, and other civil engineering structures under dynamic loads vibration. (Translated by machine.)