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Journal of Academic Library and Information Science

ISSN 1006-1525 
Organizer: an hui sheng gao xiao tu shu qing bao gong zuo wei yuan hui  
Publisher: da xue tu shu qing bao xue kan bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is the work of Anhui College sponsored by the Committee of Library and Information science, information science, archives and other aspects of comprehensive academic journal. It is to promote the implementation of the party and the state Library and Information College guidelines and policies; prosperity of library and information science theory; guide and promote the reform of Library and Information Universities and development; dissemination of scientific information for the purpose. To the academic style of simple, rigorous scientific attitude, the latest knowledge and information, first-class editorial quality, fine binding and printing, for the readers. The pursuit of both prospective and reality, theory and practice operations were held. Library Management journal features theoretical study and career-building information technology, construction of information resources and services, user research professional librarians and education section. Is a research library and information science theory of the Pure Land; is the exchange of experience in reform and innovation garden; is to improve the Quality of Library and Information class. (Translated by machine.)