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College Times

ISSN 1671-6566 
Organizer: hu nan jiao yu bao kan she  
Publisher: da xue shi dai bian ji bu  
Description: "College Times" magazine, is director of Hunan Provincial Education Department, Hunan Education Press Agency investment in two independent legal entity. Her existing magazine "college" is founded in September 2002 a university student as the main issue readership of young lives. She is "the first of the business of university life - the dynamic journal" purpose of the magazine as a "staff of life, youth advocacy, life inspiration." Another "life information" supplement: The target audience for the second year her junior girls: the first magazine to print run of 58,000 copies, circulation continued to rise now, show great vigor! "College" is now the campus of the University only a life of service for university students to hold high the banner of the magazine, she as the leading advertising business to open up the market, and strive to the best businesses and readers for matchmaking.  (Translated by machine.)