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Earth Science Frontiers

ISSN 1005-2321 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhi da xue bei jing bei jing da xue  
Publisher: di xue qian yuan bian ji bu  
Description: Quarterly "Earth Science Frontiers" is the China University of Geosciences (Beijing), organized by domestic and foreign public offering of academic journals, founded in 1994. Since 2005, an increase of the organizers, the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Peking University jointly organized "Earth Science Frontiers." In recent years, "Earth Science Frontiers," The impact factor ranked professional journals and periodicals in China forefront of technology, but also by a number of information agencies in an integrated assessment of statistical indicators of high professional journals into the forefront. "Earth Science Frontiers," in the short term to do a certain amount of influence, which is separated from the following characteristics of several journals: (1) Thematic: "Earth Science Frontiers" is the theme of journals, select one each in China and the world has a wide range of topics important influence on the Earth Science, published in reincarnation, which is rare Chukan the form of periodical publishers. (2) edge of: "Earth Science Frontiers," contributing editor asked him to implement the system, that is, before publication in each subject, the editorial board invited a contributing editor asked him ~ 2. They are leaders in academic circles. The integrity of their thinking from one subject starting, standing academic leaders of the visual height, more accurate selection of leading edge research in this thematic area of expert contributors, together around a theme, the multi-directional, multi-element, multi- directional, multi-level asked him to form a orderly, organic, relevant, asked him to contact the system and make it to the leading edge of the overall level. (3) International: "Earth Science Frontiers," each subject 3 to 5 provided by the famous English geologist manuscript, greatly develop our research vision to become a window for international exchange. (Translated by machine.)