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Low Temperature and Specialty Gases

ISSN 1007-7804 
Organizer: guang ming hua gong yan jiu she ji yuan quan guo te zhong qi ti xin xi zhan  
Publisher: di wen yu te qi bian ji bu  
Description: This publication reported that low temperature and cooling technologies, and specialty gases technology, to undertake the advertising business. With review comments, technology and equipment, special gas equipment, application technology, analysis and measurement, low-temperature materials, security technology, cryogenic vessels, exchange of experiences, news reports, literature information, such as columns, to technical, practical content-based, surface to the practical, and some theories of content. Is the only publication also introduced special low-temperature gas technology engineering technology and professional journals, has great use and reference. Dedication to the aerospace, electronic, optical, chemical, machinery, petroleum, environmental, medical, food and military, and other areas of research, design, production, use, teaching and management departments. (Translated by machine.)