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Freshwater Fisheries

ISSN 1000-6907 
Organizer: zhong guo shui chan xue hui zhong guo shui chan ke xue yan jiu yuan chang jiang shui chan yan jiu suo zhong guo shui chan ke xue yan jiu yuan dan shui yu ye yan jiu zhong xin  
Publisher: dan shui yu ye bian ji bu  
Description: Publication for the aquatic professional technical publications. Freshwater fisheries in the main published reports and scientific papers, introduce practical production techniques, fishing reports dynamic information. Readers for fisheries production, research and management, aquaculture institutions and students. Is the founder of the first aquatic, the longest continuously published publication to report on science experiments and pilot production as the main feature in the technical journals to keep the traditional advantages. Core journals over the years and the effect factors were ranked in the S9 (aquaculture, fisheries category) top 5, so "fresh water fishing" as reflected on the achievements, identified as the author of the research results and declare the best media titles; readers happy from the "freshwater fisheries" to get new knowledge, understanding peer progress. This advantage of the vast number of active contributors, and receiving a warm foundation, but also libraries and scientific and technical personnel at all levels of active subscription basis. Internationally, the United Nations Water Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS) 80 years from the 20th century had the "fresh water fishing" as the core journals included in the early 90s, "Freshwater Fisheries" magazine and foreign exchange of more than 30 species. Can say, "freshwater fisheries" is the first foreign journalists to understand aquatic freshwater fisheries research and production in China the best channel. (Translated by machine.)