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Electrical Manufacturing
2016 Issue 9
Research on Damage Detection of Large Generator Stator Insulation Based on Two-Sided Excitation Guided Wave
Li Ruihua;Xu Ziyuan;Hu Bo;Pan Ling;Tongji University;
Optimal Design of Surface Mounted Hyperboloidal Pole Permanent Magnet Motor Based on Cloud Genetic Strategy
Wang Shuai;Zhang Bingyi;Chen Yaqian;Niu Yingli;Zhang Xiaoting;Special Motor and High Voltage Apparatus Key Laboratory of Education Ministry;Shenyang University of Technology;
Impact of Comprehensive Fault Current Limiter on the Transient Recovery Voltage Property of Circuit Breakers and Its Analysis
Yuan Shuai;Tang Zonghua;Ding Jianming;Sun Shumin;Dispatching and Control Center of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company;School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University;The State Grid Power Supply Company of Shandong Shouguang;Shandong Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid;
Optimal Decision-Making of Start-Up Sequence for Units to be Started during Extended Black-Start Strategy
Wang Dajiang;Zhao Jingbo;Gu Xueping;Jia Jinghua;State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources;North China Electric Power University;Jiangsu Electric Power Company Research Institute;Hebei Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Center;
Approach to Fixing Installation of E/UHV Grading-Rings with Hold-Hoops in Extreme Environments
Yang Dingqian;Li Wei;Chen Yun;Jin Ming;Xu Luqiang;State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute;State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company;
Series DC Arcing Fault Detection Method Based on Rate of Cycle Mean
Zhang Guanying;Li Changwei;Zhao Yuan;Liu Boying;Li Lingling;Province-Ministry Joint Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Field and Electrical Apparatus Reliability;Hebei University of Technology;
Single-Inductor Dual-Output CCM Buck Converter with Constant on Time Control
Wang Yao;Southwest University for Nationalities;