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Daqing Social Sciences

ISSN 1002-2341 
Organizer: da qing shi she hui ke xue jie lian he hui  
Publisher: da qing she hui ke xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Daqing Social Sciences" by the Federation of Social Sciences in Daqing City, competent, organized, Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau Political Studies, Institute of Daqing City, co-financial domestic and international public offering the only comprehensive theory of social science journals, social, Heilongjiang Province categories of two journals. "Daqing Social Sciences" adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of Three Represents as the guide, uphold the Party's basic theory, basic line, basic program and basic experience, thoroughly implement the Party's Sixteenth National Congress and Fifth Plenum, adhere to the second double hundred for the direction and policy, comprehensively implement the scientific theory to arm people with correct media guidance, imbue them with lofty ideals, and inspire them with excellent principles, adhere to the theory with practical, based in Daqing, the country, party and government decision-making at all levels of service, and provide intellectual support for the three civilizations. "Daqing social science" is the position of social science research, Social Science is universal garden of knowledge, to apply the theory as the key to reform, opening up and modernization in the theory and practice as the main direction for the party and government organs at all levels , enterprises, publicity and theory departments, management and research departments, colleges, focusing on a theoretical study, focusing on applied research, dissemination of academic information, promote advanced culture, for the majority of social scientists and practitioners services, prosperity and development of social science services. (Translated by machine.)