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Electric Explosion Protection

ISSN 1004-9118 
Organizer: nan yang fang bao dian qi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: dian qi fang bao bian ji bu  
Description: Articles approved by the former State Science and Technology, Nanyang Institute of explosion-proof electrical organized at home and abroad is the only public offering of electrical explosion-proof class journals. Issues of national unity: CN41-1308/TM, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1004-9118. Publication of combining theory with practice, research and the principles for the production of services, focusing on technology coverage at home and abroad within the explosion-proof explosion-proof electrical theory and research techniques; new products, new technology development and applications; division of explosion danger; Electrical explosion of domestic and international research, standards, products, information, and explosion-proof electrical product design, manufacture, use, maintenance, quality supervision, inspection, safety certification, industry events; explosion-proof electrical equipment in the production, construction and daily maintenance and repair of experience; new developments at home and abroad such as explosion-proof areas. Journal keeps raising the principle of combining with the universal, Columns and diverse to meet the actual needs of different levels of readers. (Translated by machine.)