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Power Demand Side Management

ISSN 1009-1831 
Organizer: guo jia dian wang gong si dian li xu qiu ce guan li zhi dao zhong xin  
Publisher: dian li xu qiu ce guan li bian ji bu  
Description: DSM is the first publication in professional journals, by the head of the State Grid Corporation, State Grid Corporation DSM Guidance Center hosted, Southeast University, co. State Grid Corporation, the State Planning Commission, State Economic and Trade Commission and the national authorities responsible for the network, the provincial power companies such as head of marketing for the journal editorial board members. Around the internationally popular journal Demand Side Management (DSM) technology, promotion of national policies, regulations, issuing domestic and foreign information and exchange of academic ideas and practical experience, services, new technologies, new products, promote the use and promote government, power companies, electricity users, energy services and intermediary institutions interact to promote economic, energy, and environmental development. (Translated by machine.)