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Electrical Equipment

ISSN 1672-2000 
Organizer: zhong guo dian ji gong cheng xue hui zhong guo dian li chu ban she  
Publisher: dian li she bei za zhi she  
Description: One for the power industry and electrical equipment manufacturing industry, technology and productivity by combining three-dimensional form of publishing a variety of media, set authority-oriented, practical and informative in a large integrated media and Technology - Heritage Power technology services based on technological progress and popular features include: special feature articles, technology and applications, policies and standards, discussion and advice, experience sharing, reliability, technology, international power, quality control, vertical and horizontal market version of their products - to change concerns on the record industry insight into market opportunities for enterprise development, industrial policy, information, industry analysis, reviews the main features include: information, attention, particularly planning, market observation, business growth, people close-up, dialogue, management, Trade Since it began , always adhere to the trinity of the Journal features to achieve paper referred journals, websites, CD-ROM publication of various forms of three-dimensional, interactive TV network, every quarter, a complimentary CD-ROM massive information, more exciting, more real connection from the power industry to build users and suppliers of electrical equipment manufacturing industry of communication between the three-dimensional platform. (Translated by machine.)