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Journal of Dalian Institute of Light Industry

ISSN 1674-1404 
Organizer: da lian gong ye da xue  
Publisher: da lian qing gong ye xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Dalian University of Technology" (formerly "Dalian Institute of Light Industry"), founded in 1981, is sponsored by the Dalian University of Science journals. Publication to serve the community, promote academic exchange and new technology, application and promotion of new technologies to improve the level of teaching and research purposes. Published an article covering the basic sciences, chemicals, textiles, biotechnology, food, machinery, automation, information technology and other fields. Magazine has been the United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ), United States, "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts" (CSA) at the same time into 21 sub-abstracts or databases, the United Kingdom, "International Agricultural and Biological Sciences Research Center" (CABI), the Polish "Index Copernicus" (IC), the United States, "Wu Lixi International Periodicals Directory" (UIPD), China's scientific papers as a source of Source Journals and other periodicals. (Translated by machine.)