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Journal of Dalian Education University

ISSN 1008-388X 
Organizer: da lian jiao yu xue yuan  
Publisher: da lian jiao yu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Dalian Institute of Education" is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, organized by the Dalian Institute of Education public offering comprehensive domestic and international academic publications. Issues of national unity as CN21-1408/G4, International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 1008-388X. The journal is quarterly, in March of each year, in June, September and December of 20, published 88 pages each. Main sections: education and teaching, teacher continuing education, science research, liberal arts exploration, primary and secondary education teaching. University Since it began, the Journal has always adhered to the correct direction and purpose of the magazine, in strict accordance with the political standard of academic journals, business standards, standards of editorial standards and publishing the Journal, the articles published in line with the party's political policies ; academic on exploration, to reflect the forefront of academic research and research focus; theory can with practice, with a highly targeted. Repeatedly published the text of the "Chinese People's University Information and Data" and retrieve the bodies reproduced; of Dalian City has been awarded an excellent journal, the National Institute of Education and the outstanding of Chinese Academic Journal (CD) data retrieval and evaluation of the implementation of quality norms journals. (Translated by machine.)