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Education of Geography

ISSN 1005-5207 
Organizer: zhong qing shi fan da xue  
Publisher: di li jiao yu bian ji bu  
Description: "Geography Education" magazine in 1980, has experienced 24 years of ups and downs, but also for advancing the cause of geography education in the motherland to make its due contribution. Domestic public; bimonthly, big 16 format, 80 pages, each chart capacity of 16-20 million words in the text; four color and binding fine. "Geography Education" magazine has always been the best for the secondary school geography teaching and teaching and research services for the purpose of the magazine. Committed to developing innovative advancing geography teaching, teaching and research team, always fresh, plain style of the timely dissemination of scientific knowledge of geography, delivering the latest information on reform to provide practical teaching information, communication teaching and research achievements, develop innovative education, quality education, new ideas and new methods. (Translated by machine.)