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Electric Power Technologic Economics

ISSN 1008-1682 
Organizer: guo dian dong li jing ji yan jiu zhong xin hu nan sheng dian li gong si zhong guo dian li cai wu you xian gong si  
Publisher: dian li ji shu jing ji bian ji bu  
Description: Economic power of science and technology journals. To study and explore the power of economic theory and practice for the topics: economic development strategy from the height of the market research and electricity production and power development planning, and strengthening the economic evaluation and analysis; on the macro economy and the general laws of economic power and the power of economic development special law; explore creation of economic power with Chinese characteristics, focusing on the theory advanced research; publicity and coverage in the form of macroeconomic reforms to the electric power industry at home and abroad, as well as the current electricity hot and difficult issues; sum up and promote enterprise reform and the power Development of new experiences. Industry-oriented, socially oriented, for the power business leaders, economic management workers, power resources developers, builders, operators, electrician of agriculture, energy, scientific research, information department, electricity, financial services institutions and students and other readers . (Translated by machine.)