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Acta Seismologica Sinica

ISSN 0253-3782 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhen xue hui  
Publisher: di zhen xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Earthquake of" Introduction "of the earthquake," is sponsored by the China Earthquake Seismology Society of comprehensive academic publications. Honorary editor of the journal Xin Qin Ling Academy of Sciences, edited by Chen, YT Academy of Sciences. "Earthquake of" sub in English and Chinese. Since founded in 1979, Chinese (quarterly), the English founded in 1988 (quarterly). In the English version one correspondence. Simultaneous publication in 1994, issue. Since 1997, "Earthquake Technology", the English changed to bimonthly. "Earthquake of" in English and Chinese in addition print, but also unified into the Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM version (CAJCD), Articles - Digital Periodicals and the China Journal Net (CJN), access to the Internet to provide information services. Annuals seismology with innovative research and technical achievements, but also published a number of earthquake-related geophysical, seismic geology, earthquake engineering and other academic papers and research presentations; posted on the subject of articles in different academic point of view; Introduction seismology and related issues of major academic research status and development; posted with the comments about the article seismology; reflect the work of seismology and related technology developments. "Earthquake of" is the class of seismology and geophysics important core journals. In 1992 the first competitions in the National Science and Technology Journal, "the earthquake of" science and technology journals by the State Seismological Bureau rating first prize, won first prize of China Association for Science and Technology Journal of appraisal, by the Beijing Institute of Technology Editors rating a straight award and won first prize for outstanding appraisal journal, English for the first time by the State Seismological Bureau Award for International Science and Technology Journals rating. Held in 1996, the Second National Science and Technology Journal of the rating, "Earthquake of" re-award the State Seismological Bureau of Science and Technology journal, and appraisal by the China Association for Science and Technology Journals and the second prize second prize of National Excellent rating journals, English version by the State Seismological Bureau, Science and Technology Journal of the second appraisal award. 1999, "Earthquake Technology" Award nominated by the China Journal. 2001, "Earthquake of" elected to the square of Chinese journals, periodicals received double awards. "Earthquake of" has been following foreign key or database contains abstracts: (1) Engineering Abstracts (EI) (2) Russia's Digest magazine (РЖ) (3) United Kingdom Science Abstracts (SA) (4) Japan Science and Technology Abstracts Bulletin ( CBSTJ) (5) U.S. Geological Abstracts (GeoRef) (6) Netherlands Geophysical Abstracts (Elsevier Geo Abstracts) 2002-04-18 (Translated by machine.)