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Underground Water

ISSN 1004-1184 
Organizer: shan xi sheng shui gong cheng kan cha gui hua yan jiu yuan quan guo di xia shui xin xi wang shan xi sheng shui li xue hui  
Publisher: di xia shui bian ji bu  
Description: China's only a groundwater professional public offering of domestic and international journals, within the field of water-based well-known academic journals, but also for the national network of groundwater information network TV. A group of well-known magazine expert guidance, Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Jiyang, China Engineering Academy Zhang WZ, Li Peicheng, Professor Xu Qianqing, the State Council and Ministry of Water Resources Professor Wang Bingchen persons participating members of the Group of groundwater as a consultant. Magazine Since it began, the Journal, continue to stick to complete the mission entrusted by history, and strive to water services, and actively carry out academic exchanges, so the only water the continuous development of professional journals, to mature, for the rational development and utilization of groundwater to protect water resources, promote water resources policies play an important role. "Underground" magazine is in water management for groundwater development and utilization of broad professional management cadres, technicians, survey and design personnel, skilled workers and tertiary students. Published in the main elements: water management, groundwater resource evaluation theory and methods, groundwater observation and forecasting, development and protection of groundwater resources; pumped well water treatment design, drilling technology process, drilling for water design and test innovative equipment, repair old wells ; irrigation vertical planning and design, scientific management of water and wells, irrigation benefit analysis; industry dynamics and professional information; professional science, and seminars and lectures. In recent years, "underground" magazine and community leaders at all levels of care and support of colleagues, particularly those engaged in the work of water resources readers, authors, experts and scholars of love, is the source journals increased significantly improve academic quality; Currently more than 30 provinces across the country publication of high autonomous regions, especially in northern China seven provinces (municipalities), and with the United States, the Netherlands until the exchange between countries. (Translated by machine.)