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ISSN 1005-4871 
Organizer: tong ji da xue de yi zhi lian bang gong he guo wen ti yan jiu suo  
Publisher: de guo yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: "German Studies" magazine in 1986, was originally called "Federal Republic of Germany research", is so far the only one consolidated, comprehensive study of academic journals in Germany, organized by the Institute of Tongji University, Germany. "German Studies" at home and abroad has always been committed to the German study published in the latest achievements and cutting-edge issues papers, domestic and foreign scholars in this exhibition was the highest level of research and development trends, by state and local government decision-making level, experts , business and cultural figures of the widely praised and spoke highly of China's national research journals in the crowd. "German Studies" also by the German government and the foreign affairs department of the attention, by the German academic and literature information collection agencies, and a study. (Translated by machine.)