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ISSN 1008-1151 
Organizer: zhong guo ke ji kai fa yuan guang xi fen yuan  
Publisher: da zhong ke ji bian ji bu  
Description: "Popular Science" magazine by the Guangxi Science and Technology Agency director, technology development centers in China sponsored by Guangxi Branch of the provincial science and technology journals, national public offering, integrating knowledge, theory, guidance, authority and readability as one. International Standard Serial Number is: ISSN1008-1151, Issues of domestic unity is: CN45-1235 / N, Youfadaihao :48-94, publication founded in 1999, large 16 mo, fortnightly, text 200P price of 10 yuan. Enthusiastically welcome new and old of the contributions, contributions subject matter, is not limited to, the word length is appropriate in 4000-6000. Work required arguments and strong arguments full text refined, reliable data. Contributions are responsible for own, copying is strictly prohibited. And be sure to indicate the name, address, phone, organization, and so on. Contributions are not returnable, please retention papers. Main sections: science and technology perspective, the economic aspect, operation and management, asset and financial, networking and security, reform and development, electronics and communications, technology and application, transportation and energy, human resources development, vocational education and training, medical and chemical . (Translated by machine.)