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China Contemporary Medicine

ISSN 1009-4393 
Organizer: zhong guo yi shi xie hui  
Publisher: dang dai yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: Insight into the industry production management practices by the context of promoting the hospital's chief medical products in China China's health sector by the media, the only Professional Hospital systematically explained the concept of operation and management of comprehensive national medicine and health journals. August 2004 The Ministry of Health awarded the excellent journal of medical and health first prize, a hospital management magazines only win of the Journal of Hospital life first concern of industry journals to provide the first integrated marketing solutions for the media industry The first branding and visual communication will be included in the daily work of the medical profession "Journal of Modern Medicine" is the only area of the Chinese system of health care professional described the concept of hospital operation and management of comprehensive national medicine and health journals. "Modern Medicine" magazine will help the Chinese Medicine Hospital in China's macroeconomic policy analysis and related regulations; insight into the pharmaceutical market in the economic operation of law; grasp of the world's most cutting-edge medicine and technology trends; master the hospital strategic planning, financial and capital management , quality management, human resources management, information management, management of modern hospital management career, leading the trend of medical information technology to create superior career Dean of the 21st century. "Modern Medicine" by the Ministry of Health in charge of Chinese Physician Association. Founded in October 1994, formerly known as "the introduction of foreign medical technology and equipment", in 2000 changed its name to "modern medicine", after two revision. Domestic and international public offering, circulation 300,000, has been thousands of well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad the recognition and support. "Modern Medicine" shaped with 16 to open an international version of the popular design, magazine, fine art paper printing, and fully convey the contemporary medical sharp, transparent and detailed visual concept. (Translated by machine.)