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The Contemporaries

ISSN 1005-0981 
Organizer: he bei sheng wen xue yi shu jie lian he hui  
Publisher: dang dai ren bian ji bu  
Description: "Modern Man" magazine is hosting a senior Hebei literary monthly Literary Federation, formerly known as "Hebei Literature", was launched in November 1949. Who has changed its name to "bee", "Hebei Literature", "Lotus", in 1993 changed its name to "contemporary people." Founded half a century, she published a number of excellent works of well-known at home and abroad, such as Liang Bin's novel "Red Flag" (excerpt), "Sowing the fire in mind" (excerpt), the field's long poem, "the coachman Biography" (excerpt), Liu Liu's novel "Liehuojingang" (excerpt), GUANGZHOU UNIVERSITY novella "Little Soldier", Zhang Qingtian the "" old firm "rumor", etc., to promote the socialist economic construction, prosperity, art and literature make a contribution. Since reform and opening "contemporary" literature with aesthetic vision and reflect contemporary social reality strokes, the inner world of contemporary concern. (Translated by machine.)