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Journal of Changzhi Medical College

ISSN 1006-0588 
Organizer: chang zhi yi xue yuan  
Publisher: chang zhi yi xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The publication director of the Board of Education of Shanxi Province, Changzhi Medical College-sponsored academic journal, founded in 1985. Articles with basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, medicine and Integrative Medicine and other columns, publishes the College Division, affiliated teaching hospitals and teaching hospital staff in basic medical research and clinical aspects of the research results, papers, research reports, and medical technology experience, to reflect the hospital and teaching hospitals, research, teaching, health care standards. Publication by the more than 30 professors, associate professors and other experts in various disciplines "of" Editorial Board, responsible for the academic quality of the validation. Articles inception to readability, scientific, practical features, content, scientific, real, rigorous, is an important foreign exchange my hospital window. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, the "Journal" articles laid down in article 100 provincial and ministerial level, and municipal awards, each year more than 200 papers have been famous journals included in the database and retrieve. (Translated by machine.)