Asian Journal of Ecotoxicology 2016 Issue 6 Progress of Ecological Risk Assessment for Marine Radioactive Pollution
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Asian Journal of Ecotoxicology
2016 Issue 6
Progress of Ecological Risk Assessment for Marine Radioactive Pollution
Ye Sufen;,Zhang Luoping;,Chen Weiqi;
Review on the Impact of Phthalate Esters on Aquatic Food Chain
Sun Cuizhu;,Li Fuyun;,Tu Haifeng;,Jia Fangli;,Li Fengmin;
Bioturbation Effect on the Migration and Transformation of Heavy Metals in Sediment: A Review
He Yi;,Men Bin;,Yang Xiaofang;,Xu Hui;,Wang Dongsheng;
Review on Toxicology of Chemical Pollutants on Fish Swimbladder
Han Jian;,He Qiuxia;,Han Liwen;,Chen Xiqiang;,Liu Kechun;
A Review on Degradation and Elimination of Tetracycline Antibiotics in Water Environment
Zhang Xingyan;,Chen Zhonghua;,Deng Haiming;,Yang Kai;,Gong Sheng;,Lu Wenxue;,Lan Haien;
QSAR Models for Predicting Partition Coefficients of Organic Pollutants between Passive Sampling Materials and Water
Yang Lei;,Luo Xiang;,Wang Ya;,Zhang Ya'nan;,Chen Jingwen;
Residues of Neonicotinoid Pesticides in Vegetables and Fruit and Health Risk Assessment of Human Exposure via Food Intake
tan ying ;, zhang zuo ;, zhao cheng ;, wang xin zuo ;, li jing yao ;, wang dan ;, zhou ying ;, lu xiao xia ;
Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes in the Tube Feet of Sea Cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) Co-exposed to BTEXs by Transcriptome Sequencing
pan yong jia ;, zhou zun chun ;, wang bai ;, gao shan ;, sun hong juan ;, guan xiao yan ;, dong ying ;, zuo xi wu ;
Study on Gender Difference of Hepatic Metallothionein mRNA Expression of Oryzias melastigma Exposed to Cadmium
Xie Qing;,Bo Jun;,Zheng Ronghui;,Hong Fukun;,Zhang Yusheng;
Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS)-Induced Oxidative Damage in Hepatopancreas of Hyriopsis cumingii
Pan Ruolei;,Yang Shuwen;,Jiang Min;
ROS and Calcium Signal is Involved in Lead Toxicity in Yeast Cells
Zhang Ruigang;,Yi Huilan;
Effect of Roxithromycin (ROX) on Soil Nitrogen Speciation and Soil Urease in the Different Growth Stage of Wheat
Yu Binbin;,Cheng Lijuan;,Wang Fei;,Zhou Qixing;
Effects of Oxidative Stress on Macrobrachium nipponense Induced by Single and Joint Exposure to Mercury and Arsenic
Liu Xiang;,Wang Min;,Liu Junjie;,Chen Kai;,Hu Liuming;,Chen Qiuwen;
Toxic Response and Sensitivity of Tridentiger trigonocephalus to Cu2+ Cd2+ and Ammonia Nitrogen
Hao Ya;,Zhu Liyan;,Gong Wenjing;,Han Cui;,Jiang Tiantian;
The Reproductive Toxic Effects of Zearalenone on Caenorhabditis elegans
Yang Zhendong;,Wang Jia-Sheng;,Tang Lili;,Sun Xiulan;
Genotypic Difference of Cadmium Accumulation Characteristics and Cadmium Tolerance in Detached Leaves of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings
wang long ;, yang yi xin ;, gao zi ping ;, yin jie ;, liu yang ;, zhang chang bo ;, tang ji hua ;, liu zhong qi ;
Distribution Characteristics and Environmental Health Risk Assessment of Phthalic Acid Esters in Surface Water of the Daliao River, China
Shi Yao;,Ma Yingqun;,Qin Yanwen;,Liu Zhichao;,Yang Chenchen;,Chi Minghui;
Toxicity Effects of Cadmium on the Ridgetail White Prawn Exopalaemon carinicauda
xue zuo ;, zhang pei ;, li zhi hui ;, zhao lian ;, lai xiao fang ;, chen jian hua ;, gao huan ;, yan bin lun ;
Oxidative Stress Response in Root of Pennisetum americanum L.(cv.K.Schum) to Long Term Atrazine Exposure
Ma Bingbing;,Jiang Zhao;,Cao Bo;,Li Jinmei;,Chen Yukun;,Zhang Ying;
Degradation in Water-Sediment and Bioconcentration of Fenoxanil
Wu Wenzhu;,Kong Deyang;,He Jian;,Shan Zhengjun;
DNA Damage in Bone Marrow Cells of Rat Acutely Poisoned with Nickel Carbonyl
zhao ya xue ;, li yu ;, ma guo zuo ;, liu jing ;, wang qiu ying ;, zhang xiao pei ;, xuan xiao qiang ;, zuo ming feng ;, wu xi jiang ;
Effect of Metal Pyrithione on Antioxidant Activity in Hydroides elegans
Chen Xin;,Qin Zongmin;,Li Ziwei;,Wang Chaochao;,Shang Qun;,Tang Min;
Acute Toxicity of Different Formulation of Four Strobilurin Fungicides to the Zebrafish (Brachydonio rerio)
Jia Wei;,Jiang Hongyun;,Zhang Lan;,Zhang Yanning;,Mao Liangang;
Mercury Concentrations and Potential Risk Assessment of Paddy Soil in South China
Zhao Huifang;,Yan Haiyu;,Wang Xun;,Feng Xinbin;
Application of Robust Statistic Method in Quality Analysis of Ready Biodegradability Test
Deng Guirong;,Mei Chengfang;,Liu Yanzhen;,Zhang Hongtao;,Chen Zefang;,Zeng Guoqu;
Effects of Suspended Substances Stress on Antioxidant System Enzyme Activities and Gene Expression of Paralichthys olivaceus
Xiao Guangxia;,Xu Wenyuan;,Jia Lei;,Zheng Debin;,Han Xianqin;,Chen Chunxiu;
Dose-Response and Time-Effect Relationships between Lymphocyte DNA Damage of Rats Poisoned with Nickel Carbonyl
lu yong bin ;, li yu ;, ma guo zuo ;, wang qiu ying ;, liu jing ;, wu xi jiang ;, xuan xiao qiang ;, xu dong hai ;, cheng ning ;
Influence of Exogenous Mercury Stress on Chlorophyll Content and Photosynthetic Effect of Three Tobacco Cultivars
Wu Minlan;,Wang Guo;,Li Honghong;,Jia Yangyang;,Yang Lintong;
Definition of Planarian Mortality in an Acute Toxicity Test: A Case Study on Dugesia japonica Exposed to 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium Bromide
zhang hecai;,liu tongyi;,liu yanfang;,zhang jie;,wang zhige;,chen guangwen;
Acute Toxicity of Fluopicolide to 9 Kinds of Environmental Organisms and Its Bioaccumulation in Zebrafish
Lin Jin;,Gao Yun;,Mu Wei;,Wang Kaiyun;,Xu Hui;,Liu Jie;
Effect of Cadmium on Growth Performance and Mineral Nutrient Uptake in Three Hemp Genotypes
Sun Hongyan;,Dai Huaxin;,Wei Yiying;,Wang Yuna;,Wang Guohui;
Short-term Impact of Acidification on the Community Structure and Diversity of Aquatic Phytoplankton in Xin'anjiang River Basin (Tunxi Section)
li wei ;, yang yu ling ;, dong li li ;, huang song ;, wang jin bi ;, liu jia kai ;, fang jie ;, lu shu wei ;, gao xin ming ;
Bifenthrin Exposure Disrupts the Development of Ovary in Female Sebastiscus marmoratus and the Mechanism Involved
Li Jinshou;,Luo Fen;,Ruan Shaojiang;,Ruan Junfeng;,Wang Nannan;
Improving Methods for Algae Infrared Radiation Technology of Testing Chemicals Acute Toxicity
Guo Weihua;,Li Xingguang;,Lin Yan;,Yang Pengfei;
Toxicity Effects of Tetrabromobisphenol A in Male Wistar Rats Following Dermal Exposure
xiang ming deng ;, gao dan dan ;, li hong yan ;, li liang zhong ;, yu zi ling ;, wang zheng dong ;, lin bi gui ;, yu yun jiang ;
The Behavioral Responses of the Medaka under the Stress of Heavy Metal Copper in Water Environment
liang hong ;, liu yong ;, rao kai feng ;, ma mei ;, xu wang ;, tang liang ;, ma zuo ;, pan xiao feng ;, chen hui ming ;