Asian Journal of Ecotoxicolog 2010 Issue 3 Effects of Heavy Metal Pollutions on the Ecological Functions of Soil Microbes: A Review
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Asian Journal of Ecotoxicolog
2010 Issue 3
Effects of Heavy Metal Pollutions on the Ecological Functions of Soil Microbes: A Review
ZHANG Yan;CUI Xiao-yong;LUO Wei
Estimation of Probit Methods on EC50
ZHAO Jin-song;YU Shu-xia
Evaluation Method for Combined Toxicity Effects in the Measure of Alage Infrared Radiation for Acute Toxicity
GUO Wei-hua;ZHOU Wei;CHENG Li-yun;WANG Xiang
Oxidative Damage Induced by Dibutyl Phthalate to Stem and Leaves of Arabidopsis Seedlings
CHEN Xiao-xiao;ZHANG Wen;WU Yang;YANG Xu
Research on the Relation between Chemical Structures of Organophosphorus Pesticide Residues and Their Chromatography Retention
ZHAO Cheng-xia;CHEN Guo-hua;LI Zhi-liang;ZHOU Xiao-hua
Uptake Kinetics of Arsenic Species in Two Genotypes of Rice Plants and Mitigatory Mechanism of Silicon
HUANG Yi-zong;SHI Meng-chun;ZHAO Li-jun
Effects of Diethylstilbestrol and Tetrabromobisphenol A on Growth of Chlorella pyrenoidosa
NA Guang-shui;CHEN Tong;ZHANG Yue-mei;ZHANG Lin;LIU Chun-yang;GU Jia;YAO Zi-wei
xin xi dong tai,350,381,419,445,453-456
Effects of Two Highly Efficient Photoinitiators on Chromosome Aberrations in Vitro
ZHANG Min;HU Yan-ping;SONG Jie;WANG Xue;WANG Xiu-wen;LI Bo
Effect of Some Nutrients on the Growth and Haemolytic Toxins Production of Chattonella marina
LIU Wang-peng;HAUNG Juan;YANG Wei-dong;LI Hong-ye;CUI Wei-min;LIU Jie-sheng
Review on Estrogen Receptor to Estimate Environmental Estrogen
JU Rong-ju;ZHANG Yu-hui
Effect of SO2 Derivatives on Liver T Lymphocytes Subsets CD4 +/CD8+ of C57BL/6 Mice
WU Dong-mei;LI Su-qing;DI Xiao-yan;BAI Jian-ying
Effects of Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid on the Apoptosis of INS-1 Cells Cultured by Palmitate
LI Jie;MAO Xiao-dong;LIU Cui-ping;LIU Chao
Toxic Effects of Water-Based Drilling Fluid and Its Components on Skeletonema costatum
YAN Xue-ping;ZHANG Qian-qian;LIANG Sheng-kang;ZHU Fu-xian;XUE Yu-zhi;LI Gong-rang;ZHANG Yan
Uptake of Cadmium by Wheat (Triticum aestivum) as Affected by Pre-Exposure to Cadmium and Temperature
LI Dan-dan;ZHOU Dong-mei;WANG Peng;LI Lian-zhen;WENG Nan-yan
Short Time Exposure of TCDD Causing Loss of Implantation Failure of Embryos and Its Associated with Induced Expression of Relevant Proteins
HUANG Li;HUANG Ren;FENG Yuan-yu;LIU Han-ying;QIU Jian-feng;LI Bing
Study on the Acute Toxicity of Six Nitrobenzenes to Marine Organisms
HUANG Shi-lin;WANG Cui-hua;TANG Feng-hua;SHEN Xin-qiang
Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Street Dusts and Urban Runoff in Beijing
WANG Xiao-mei;ZHAO Hong-tao;LI Xu-yong