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Journal of Tea Science

ISSN 1000-369X 
Organizer: zhong guo cha ye xue hui  
Publisher: cha ye ke xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Tea" is the only national public offering of tea at home and abroad academic journals, the National Chinese core journals, is a discipline that reflects the authority of the level and development trend of journals. "Since 1989, the journal has been already China Association for Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural Society and the Society of Editors of Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province 6 times as excellent academic journals. has been the United Kingdom and the United States, CAB Abstracts and Chemical Abstracts database and its database contains CA; 1996 he joined the academic Journals (CD) CD-ROM e-magazine, and in 1999 the whole Internet Journal; The publication also has joined the Articles of ChingInfo system and network-centric Internet; since 1999 has become the core of the light industry and handicraft classes Journals Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, Journal of the Chinese Science Citation Database source. "tea" in the "Journal Citation Report of Chinese science and technology" in the very front of the indicators. "tea" covers all of tea aspects; almost all of the tea research projects, in the "tea" on both the most comprehensive and concentrated reflection. main content package letter tea cultivation, tea tree breeding, pest control of tea, tea processing, tea, biochemical, tea machinery, technical and economic tea leaves, tea, utilization, medical, food and health, tea culture. "tea" has now become involved in research and related tea products, tea, essential and important development of reference materials, and industrial and agricultural science and technology of tea production very important to the development effect. for the tea industry, agriculture, beverage, food and medicine and other aspects of scientific and technical personnel, college students and teachers, administrative staff at all levels of technology such as reading. Release main aspects of foreign and English, France, Japan, United States, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries more than 20 units of literature research and exchange of literature, and a small amount of foreign distribution. In addition, through participation in academic journals of China e-magazine to the CD-ROM and Online worldwide distribution. (Translated by machine.)