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Design & Manufacture of Diesel Engine

ISSN 1671-0614 
Organizer: shang hai chai you ji gu fen you xian gong si  
Publisher: chai you ji she ji yu zhi zao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication based on the development, production, application front-line, combined with corporate personnel, information and other advantages, both display and other research universities and research institutes and the latest results of dynamic cutting-edge, but also to promote enterprise resources into the production process of each product class instance, dedicated service for the readers. Articles published in the engine industry and related fields of management, design, development, testing, technology, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, sales, services, articles and industry information. Readers are: internal combustion engine host companies, enterprises and service stations and other parts of the engineering and technical personnel and management staff, teachers and students of engineering colleges, research institutes and technical personnel. (Translated by machine.)