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Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition

ISSN 1007-810X 
Organizer: nan jing jun qu nan jing zong yi yuan jie fang jun pu tong wai ke yan jiu suo  
Publisher: chang wai yu chang nei ying yang bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of Surgery Society journal nutritional support for the study group of professional journals, the editor of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Jieshou, the purpose of parenteral and enteral nutrition to promote the exchange of scientific research, summary of clinical experience and impart information and promote the professional development of nutritional support. Content novelty seeking, academic, editing, printing high quality standards and strict requirements, praised by experts and readers, is the surgical health care, nutrition researchers, teachers and students of medical colleges must-read materials, and is included in the National Science and Technology of China SCIENTIFIC source journals, has been included in the "Chinese Academic Journal (CD)", "China Journal (special text database)," Chinese Science Citation Database was selected source journals. (Translated by machine.)