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Journal of Changsha University

ISSN 1008-4681 
Organizer: chang sha xue yuan  
Publisher: chang sha da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is an open line of domestic and international academic journals, four times a year, one, three for the Philosophy and Social Sciences, two, four for the Natural Sciences, 6 sheets each of 96 pages. Printed in more than 1200 fixed. Since founded in 1987, strictly follow the correct journal of purpose and direction, and actively explore the laws of running academic journals, and always place social effects in the first place, highlights of the academic, scientific, innovative, joined the Chinese Academic Journal Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM and network, the growing influence of, the article reprinted issued increasing rate. Philosophy and Social Science was rated as excellent theoretical publications by the National Natural Science Natural Science Prize of three excellent ratings. (Translated by machine.)