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Journal of Chengdu Sport University

ISSN 1001-9154 
Organizer: cheng du ti yu xue yuan  
Publisher: cheng du ti yu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Arts magazine is published abroad comprehensive publication. With sports and social sciences, sports competitions and training school, school physical education, sports science, human body part. Over the years, and Sichuan University has received a variety of national awards, was named the quality of a scientific theory Sichuan Journal of China University of Science good. Since 1992, the journal has been rated as the Chinese Core Journals, 2004, Humanities and Social Sciences in the country for the first time in the selection of core journals, and was named the National Humanities and Social Sciences Core Journals. Is now "China Journal", "China Academic Journal (CD)" contains full text journals, "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" and "Chinese Social Science Citation Database" source journals. (Translated by machine.)