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The Road to Success

ISSN 1008-3561 
Organizer: cheng cai zhi lu za zhi she  
Publisher: cheng cai zhi lu bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: to serve the country educating people thought the quality of education, from the interest, emotion, motivation, will, character and other non-intellectual factors start for young people to grow, Healthy Growth of service to knowledge, narrative, philosophical, fun perfect blend of science. ★ main audience: high school students across the country, high school, secondary school-age students and community youth. ★ main forum section: SUCCESS overpass: style boys, girls, charisma, youth are not words lose, list outside the Cave, with special attention, the star s, celebrity talent Road, clap own, sigh, wrong warning and so on. Mini-site: extra tidbit, cutting-edge technology, sit face to face, the first section of youth, mind bow, fashion, and other scenic spots. Happy Mileage: desperate self-help, Test your own, Campanula sister-mail, humor, fields, fun zone, surf the web, super comic books, compiled read hotline. Literary Walking Street: Masters Essay, Literary Society booth, Selected Works of campus journalists, innocent essays, original fiction, poetry unlimited, St. Park, praise and so on. There are experts talk about talent, quality education tour, Xing Xingsuo other columns. (Translated by machine.)