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Journal of Ship Design

ISSN 1001-4624 
Organizer: shang hai chuan bo yan jiu she ji yuan  
Publisher: chuan bo she ji tong xun bian ji bu  
Description: "Ship Design," open to the international publication and distribution of comprehensive academic biannual (domestic unified ISSN CN31 - 1397 / U, International Standard Serial Number ISSN1001 - 4624), to practical technology-based publications, mainly published papers reflect the research ship design and scientific management articles, and doubles as a reference value reported foreign ships in respect of shipping the new technology, new products and new methods. Publication has been "China's core journals (selection) database" income, log http://cbsjtx.periodicals.net.cn can view related information. Publication of scientific research to the National Marine Systems, design units, collection of universities and overseas excellent paper. Particularly welcome the national key projects, key research projects and major articles on the subject Fund (all free published articles in this category). Editorial Appointments Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute as Honorary President Mr. Lu Zhiping the post of editorial director of the editorial board members are leaders in the various disciplines of academic and business backbone, with senior technical titles, some of which enjoy special government allowances for the national experts, to improve the academic standards and quality of publications play an important role in safeguarding. (Translated by machine.)