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Journal of Ship Mechanics
2010 Issue 6
Vessel Motion Effects on Nonlinear Dynamics of Deepwater Drilling Riser
wang teng; zhang xiu-zhan; zhu wei-quan (department of offshore engineering; china university of petroleum; dongying 257061; china)
Finite Element Analysis of Delamination Initiation and Growth in E-Glass/Epoxy Reinforced Laminated Beams under Axial Impact
cai zhong-yun1; mo jian-hui 2; tang wen-yong 1; wang gang 2; zhang sheng-kun1 (1 state key laboratory of ocean engineering; shanghai jiao tong university; shanghai 200240; china; 2 china classification society; beijing 100007; china)
Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Analysis for Ultra-deepwater Drilling Risers
chang yuan-jiang; chen guo-ming (college for offshore engineering and safety engineering; university of petroleum; dongying 257061; china)
Attenuation of the Flexural Wave Transmission Through Impedance Mismatch Hull Base
yao xiong-liang; ji fang (college of shipbuilding engineering; harbin engineering university; harbin 150001; china)
Experimental Study of Supercaviting Flow around Body Swinging at Two Degree of Freedom
feng guang; chu xue-sen; tao can-hui; wang zhi; liu zhi-yong; chen wei-zheng (china ship scientific research center; wuxi 214082; china)
Fully Nonlinear 3-D Numerical Wave Tank Simulation
wang da-guo1; 2; zou zhi-li 2; liu xia 3 (1 research center for numerical tests on material failure; dalian university; dalian 116622; china; 2 the state key laboratory of coastal and offshore engineering; department of civil engineering; dalian university of technology; dalian 116024 china; 3 department of civil and structural engineering; the university of hong kong; hong kong 999077; china)
Application of the Improved BP Neural Network in Ship and Ocean Engineering
zhang huo-ming 1; 2; sun zhi-lin1; gao ming-zheng 2 (1 department of hydraulic and ocean engineering; zhejiang university; hangzhou 310058; china; 2 college of metrology technology and engineering; china jiliang university; hangzhou 310018; china)
A Rule of Spatial Sampling on Cylindrical Shells for Predicting Radiated Acoustic Field
wang bin; tang wei-lin; fan jun (school of naval architecture; ocean and civil engineering; shanghai jiao tong university; shanghai 200240; china)
Effects of Different Young’s Modulus on Stress Around Cracks in Composite Material Plate
li cheng; tie ying (school of mechanical engineering; zhengzhou university; zhengzhou 450001; china)
Numerical Simulations of the Damage Process of Double Cylindrical Shell Structure Subjected to an Impact
liu jun-jie; wan zheng-quan; qi en-rong; wang hui (china ship scientific research center; wuxi 214082; china)
Re-entrant Jet and its Effect on the Shape of Ventilated Supercavity
zhang jia-zhong; zhao jing; wei ying-jie; wang cong; yu kai-ping (harbin institute of technology; harbin 150001; china)
An Analysis of Mean Wave Drift Forces of FPSO Systems by Higher-order Boundary Element Method
wang ke; zhang zhi-qiang; xu wang (state key laboratory of structural analysis for industrial equipment; department of engineering mechanics; dalian university of technology; dalian 116023; china)
Noise Prediction of Submerged Free Jet Based on Theory of Vortex Sound
wang chun-xu; zhang tao; hou guo-xiang (college of naval architecture and ocean engineering; huazhong university of science and technology; wuhan 430074; china)