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ISSN 1812-7959 
Organizer: huan qiu ju an zuo wang  
Publisher: ju an zuo bian ji bu  
Description: "PU" was launched in September 2001, the Department of International Journal of polyurethane network subsidiary network. For the "China Journal", "VIP News" full collection of journals. Polyurethane network as a global subsidiary of publications, "PU" magazine with the site and let the traditional media and new media combined strengths complement each other. "PU" released around the world, readers of all countries and regions met through global network of polyurethane "PU" magazine, journal and further endorsed by the network. Magazine market and technology report is divided in two parts. Fully into account the polyurethane market segments upstream and downstream industry demand for information, to a solid, comprehensive, and rigorous data-based, comprehensive coverage of companies are most concerned about market dynamics, market trends, domestic and international dynamics. Mainly related to scientific research and technical reports, technical progress, patents and other reports by relevant researchers alike. This publication sections are: the world PU, PU market, PU Technology, PU Digest, interviews, business interviews, management, and other contents of this earth informative, informative, beautifully printed, for the polyurethane industry, the rare "The Pillow Book . "  (Translated by machine.)