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Chinese Journal of Composite Clinical Medicine

ISSN 1728-7324 
Organizer: guo ji zhong hua ming yi xie hui  
Publisher: zhong hua zong he lin chuang yi xue za zhi shan dong bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Chinese in the Western Institute, the International Association of Chinese doctors, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Beijing Branch of Tumor Marker Committee, Shanghai, "Cancer" magazine, Editorial Department of the Fourth Military Medical University, Jilin Publishing House, the Asia-Pacific International Publishers Ltd. issue, the United States "Index Medicus" (IM) Source Journal (COMEN ZZHLAA), Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database Statistics source journals, core journals Indexed journals in China. International Standard 16 format 88 monthly, for domestic and foreign public offering. Major areas of clinical medicine at home and abroad published the new information, new methods, new experiences, new results fully reflect the development trend of clinical results, surface and integrated clinical, focus on practical, dissemination of medical information, exchange of academic experience, to promote research, improve academic standards, promote development of medicine.  (Translated by machine.)