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Journal of Modern Food and Pharmaceuticals

ISSN 1673-4610 
Organizer: guang dong sheng yao xue hui  
Publisher: xian dai shi pin yu yao pin za zhi she  
Description: Publication by the director of Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration of China Guangdong Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Medicine sponsored scholarly journals, domestic and foreign public offering. Issues To: CN44-1434 / R, ISSN1007-9939. 1991 Started in, adhere to the communication of academic exchanges both inside and outside medicine, pharmacy staff to improve the operational level, for the majority of pharmaceutical workers in the service purpose of the magazine. Emphasis on practice, a wide area, rich in content, including the medical field believe that scientific research, production, management, clinical, testing, teaching and management of academic achievements and practical experience. Readers: researchers in medicine, medical college students, pharmaceutical engineering and technical personnel, hospital pharmacists, physicians, medical management and retail staff, drug testing and other pharmacy workers and managers. (Translated by machine.)