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Journal of Seismology

ISSN 1003-868X 
Organizer: jiang su sheng di zhen ju  
Publisher: di zhen xue kan bian ji bu  
Description: Published in this natural disaster prevention and mitigation of various types of disasters based basic research and applied research papers, including: seismic and geological disasters, meteorological disasters, explosions and fire, disaster and other plants for human survival and social harm the development of various types of disasters. Studies carried out among a variety of disasters, and scientific and technological achievements of academic exchanges, and strengthen the natural sciences and social sciences in a combination of disasters, and promote scientific research in the field of disaster prevention and mitigation projects, and promote effective mitigation for the Sustainable Development Strategy; to engage in anti- disaster research disaster governance scientists, governments and enterprises sector disaster prevention and mitigation professionals and tertiary students and teachers about professional garden levied for academic exchanges. Now renamed; Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering  ISSN: 1672-2132    CN: 32-1695 / P    (Translated by machine.)