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Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology

ISSN 0178-3351 
Organizer: hua zhong ke ji da xue  
Publisher: de guo yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the director of the Ministry of Education, Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science contractors, co-published with Springer-Verlag Germany, an international medical journal. China and the international community focuses on the latest progress in cancer professional and clinical research results. Mainly in the county, more hospitals and institutions of higher learning (graduate) high, intermediate medical workers and students as readers. Is a bimonthly, full text in English, color, domestic and international public offering, with a unified Issues of domestic and international print and online ISSN, etc.; Each volume pricing: ¥ 28.00 (domestic), $ 30.00 (foreign); has SpringerLink Germany database, CNKI Database, Wanfang Data Digital Periodicals and the Ministry of Science and Information Center of Southwest Indexed. Now renamed; German Journal of Clinical Oncology (English), Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology  ISSN: 1610-1979    CN: 42-1654 / R  (Translated by machine.)