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Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica
2007 Issue 4
identification of nuclear factor- b responsive element within the neuronal nitric oxide synthase exon if-specific promoter
Yinghui LI~1 Guangyu LI~2 Chunyi LI~1 Yanyan ZHAO~1*1 Department of Medical Genetics;China Medical University;Shenyang 110001 China;2 Department of Neurosurgery;First Affiliated Hospital;China Medical University;Shenyang 110001;China
characterization,evolution and expression of the calmodulinl genes from the amphioxus branchiostoma belcheri tsingtauense
Jing LUAN Zhenhui LIU* Shicui ZHANG Hongyan LI Chunxin FAN Lei LI Department of Marine Biology;Ocean University of China;Qingdao 266003;China
different transcription profiles of socs-3,ob and igf-i genes and their possible correlations in obese and lean pigs
Jiangwei WU Bo WANG Haowei ZHANG Taiyong YU Gongshe YANG* Laboratory of Animal Fat Deposition and Muscle Development.Northwest A&F University;Yangling 712100;China
cell-specific regulation of apobec3f by interferons
Songcheng YING~1# Xuzhao ZHANG~1# Phuong Thi Nguyen SARKIS~2# Rongzhen XU~1 Xiaofang YU~1 Second Affiliated Hospital;Cancer Institute;School of Medicine;Zhejiang University;Hangzhou 310009;China;2 Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology;Johns Hopkins BIoomberg School of Public Health;Baltimore.Maryland 21205;USA
polymorphism analyses of hepatitis b virus x gene in hepatocellular carcinoma patients from southern china
Ping'an ZHU~ Deming TAN~1 Zhongtian PENG~1 Fei LIU~1 Lin SONG1 Department of Infectious Diseases;Xiangya Hospital;Central South University;Changsha 410008;China;2 The Seventh Hospital of Shenzhen;Shenzhen 518081;China
organic solvents mediate self-assembly of gav-9 peptide on mica surface
Hai LI~ Feng ZHANG~1 Yi ZHANG~1* Jianhua HE~1 Jun HU~1 Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Shanghai 201800;China;2 Bio-X Life Sciences Research Center.College of Life Science and Biotechnology;Shanghai Jiaotong University;Shanghai 200030;China;3 Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100049;China
tetracycline-inducible expression systems: new strategies and practices in the transgenic mouse modeling
Yan SUN~ Xigu CHEN~1* Dong XIAO~2*1 Center of Experimental Animals;Sun Yar.Sen University;Guangzhou 510080;China;2 Institute of Comparative Medicine and Center of Experimental Animals;Southern Medical University Guangzhou 510515;China
inhibition of monosodium urate monohydrate-mediated hemolysis by vitamin e
Qiong XIE1# Shude LI~2# Welyang FENG~2 Yongzhi LI~1 Yuanliang WU~1 Wei HU~1 Youguang HUANG~2*1 Institate of Space Medico-Engineering;Beijing 100094;China;2 Department of Biochemistry Kunming Medical College;Kunming 650031;China
immune responses and protective efficacy induced by 85b antigen and early secreted antigenic target-6 kda antigen fusion protein secreted by recombinant bacille calmette-gu rin
Changhong SHI~1* Xiaowu WANG~1 Hai ZHANG~1 Zhikai XU~2 Yuan LI~2 Lintian YUAN~11 Laboratory Animal Researeh Center;Fourth Military Medical University;Xi'an 710033;China2 Department of Microbiology;Fourth Military Medical University;Xi'an 710033;China
inhibition of tumor growth in mice by endostatin derived from abdominal transplanted encapsulated cells
Huaining TENG~ Ying ZHANG~2 Wei WANG~2 Xiaojun MA~2* Jian FEI~1*1 Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology;Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology;Model Organism Research Center;Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Shanghai 200031;China;2 Laboratory of Biomedical Material Engineering;Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Dolian 116023;China;3 Department of Urology;Changzheng Hospital;Second Military Medical University;Shanghai 200003;China