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Contemporary Medicine Sanitation

ISSN 1726-0124 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue ke xue yan jiu hui qi kan bu dang dai yi yao wei sheng bian ji wei yuan hui  
Publisher: dang dai yi yao wei sheng bian ji bu  
Description: "Contemporary medical and health" is the head of the Ministry of Education, Chinese Medical Science Research Council sponsored a comprehensive national medical journals. This publication is dedicated to medical services for the purpose of health workers, the Department of State Medical journals, scientific papers Source Journals in China. Adhere to the continuing medical education, job training for the purpose of the magazine, highlighting new theories, new knowledge, new methods, new technologies, emphasis on theory and practice, popularization and improvement combined. Publication set up a special counseling, expert forums, treatise, review and seminars, training rounds, education forum, drugs and clinical progress overview, introduction of new technologies, imaging and clinical, lessons horizon, the discussion and evaluation, case reports, clinical case discussions, meeting minutes, domestic and international academic trends and other columns. In addition to special counseling, expert forums asked him outside, welcome to submit.  (Translated by machine.)