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Contemporary Manager

ISSN 1672-8149 
Organizer: shou du jing ji mao yi da xue  
Publisher: dang dai jing li ren bian ji bu  
Description: Finance and Trade Economics publications. Finance and Trade Economics various disciplines to reflect the results of academic research, teaching and research work for the exchange of experiences, carry out academic research. "Modern Manager," is the only magazine targeted at managers of growth companies in China Journal of Operations Management. Monthly, high-end color printing, the international standard of 16 to open, the national public offering. "Contemporary manager" objective and accurate, clear positioning, adhering to the "idea first, sound management, practical-oriented, action is true," the purpose, focus on case studies, in particular, highlight the company's guidance for growth and operational practices, times successful people and businesses affected by all loved and respected decision-making, is the average monthly circulation to 30 ℅ rate of increase. We have the country's most authoritative and influential economists, management and marketing experts, has been committed for the "Contemporary manager" to provide intellectual support and more in Business Administration from the front line of young journalists and experts play a writer. Passion and dedication we have to give fresh personality market development group, a thinking super popular and skilled graphic design, a wonderful pen brilliance and rigorous logic, a senior editor there with "horses" eye of the managers and high cohesion without the team is willing to admit defeat. This is our sustainable development and to provide quality services for the enterprise managers a strong power and quality assurance.  (Translated by machine.)