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Business Management Review

ISSN 1672-7614 
Organizer: zhong guo jing ying bao she  
Publisher: shang xue yuan bian ji bu  
Description: A responsibility to disseminate business knowledge, and a large number of local cases, practical magazine, based on the local, practice-oriented, emphasizing combat. Different from the emphasis on content and professional magazine, "Business School" content set emphasizes professional readers, "Business School" readers are senior managers in the enterprise, the salient features in the practical level, the more obvious psychological characteristics: they courage to forge ahead, eager to go beyond reality, to the enterprise management and marketing experience have to understand the actual needs, he has a heart to learn, to understand all the details from the business and life success sentiment Dharma. Creative design of three major sections: IT Forum: "Special Report," "People close" as the core, the depth of interpretation of the latest business events and trends at home and abroad; on the depth of popular business figures reported. Combat Forum: Operating mode "hot press forward, management knowledge out", with the local case of advanced management concepts to interpret. Practical, highlight the "Business School", "Global Vision + Chinese kung fu," the editorial features Learning Forum: international business education institutions with the strategic alliance, "teacher list", "elite class," "Famous Cases" and other fresh paper-based business education activities to meet the reader longing for the needs of business education.  (Translated by machine.)