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Digital Communication World

ISSN 1672-7274 
Organizer: dian zi gong ye chu ban she  
Publisher: shu zi tong xin shi jie bian ji bu  
Description: "Digital Communications World" magazine (CN11-5154/TN) is the competent Ministry of Information Industry, Electronic Industry Press Digest sponsored integrated communications category, the domestic and international public offering. "Digital Communications World" adhering to the "technological innovation and enterprise upgrading service", based on the digital communications industry, actively promote the industry, reported the government's macroeconomic reform; close attention to the latest trends in the telecommunications industry; timely dissemination of modern enterprise management concepts; accurate interpretation of the information industry marketing strategy; boldly predicted digital communications market, technology, operations, business prospects and development trends; to explore, promote communications industry management innovation, the latest technology, equipment and products. Grand opening to readers through 16 full-color printing, 20 month publication, distribution, covering the refurbishment of IT industry, communications industry, as well as radio and television system, the distribution network has been extended to large and medium cities across the country, domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutions and institutions. "Digital Communications World" comprehensive coverage of the whole field of digital communications industry, focusing on industry and technology information to "reports of advanced technology to promote brands," features, content and digital applications covering all areas related to strive to grasp the pulse of industry market concern for innovation and transformation of enterprises, focusing on technology and product reports, to help build enterprise-class user base and application of information to promote the process of various industries.  (Translated by machine.)