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ISSN 1007-0060 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue ji shu qing bao xue hui  
Publisher: da zhong ruan jian za zhi she  
Description: Popular software fortnightly column feature set Summary Description: The main news to readers and new developments include: information and dynamic, preview, new reports and other hot review of the article review of the article describes the history of the computer industry at home and abroad, anecdotes , development, new developments and interviews with the dynamic information and dynamic, including manufacturers, preview messages, including hardware, application software, news and entertainment software information of three parts, hot new products in China, the official newspaper for the Products listed on the game table and sales table listing published rotation utility Software Description: The system introduced a variety of application software, system software features, installation and use to cancel "Gallery" section, the article into the "utility software" in the sharing software introduction, required to provide software on CD-ROM software package fine Featured Software selected as current discs, each about 5 Hardware Analysis Description: Personal computer hardware technology, components and peripheral products, including basic knowledge, new product introduction and evaluation described in the Internet Age: The network installation and applications and related knowledge, Internet application experience popular site Description: Description of software application skills, experience, computer knowledge and maintain the exchange of experience and a small description of: the use of computers to answer the reader to the problems encountered Dubianwanglai Description: exchanges with readers, Raiders released guidelines on important matters more computer games software, customs clearance process and describes the experience of front-line areas: a. Introduction of new games to introduce the latest products abroad or to be produced entertainment software, each 5, a game to test a b. refining market, introducing the game on the disc D ......  (Translated by machine.)