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Barley Science

ISSN 1004-0269 
Organizer: jiang su yan hai di qu nong ye ke xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: da mai ke xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Barley and Cereal Science" by the director of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Jiangsu coastal area organized Barley Crop Science Society of China Committee of the technical journals, the contents of innovative, practical, systematic, guidance, mainly reports of barley, wheat, rice, corn and other cereal crops research trends and scientific research, setting the main columns are: monographs, cultivation and breeding, physiology and ecology, soil and fertilizer and plant protection, storage and processing, introduced species, agricultural industrialization, review, SMS and information, character introduction. Primary audience: working in agricultural research, agricultural extension, agricultural management, agricultural, medium and large, tertiary institutions and students. Who welcomed the journals contribute to the cause of the enterprises co. Be renamed; Barley and Cereal Science  ISSN: 1673-6486    CN: 32-1769 / S  (Translated by machine.)