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Biotech World

ISSN 1672-1411 
Organizer: hu nan da xue  
Publisher: gao ke ji chuang ye zhe za zhi she  
Description: "Biotechnology World" is currently the only commercial biotechnology professional journals, the aim is to the Chinese entrepreneurs in biotechnology and related industries, technical decision makers, technical staff of life science, bio-industry domestic and foreign investors to provide a comprehensive timely biotechnology, products, markets and other aspects of information, promote market-oriented biological research, biotechnology industry, as academia, business and commerce sector communication.     "Biotechnology World" magazine founded in December 2003, with the IDG under the U.S. biotechnology industry's leading information technology media, Bio-IT World magazine and the Australian biotechnology industry's leading magazine Australian Biotechnology News media copyright cooperation. With the current of many different biological sciences, "Biotechnology World" is the first application of the positioning and industry in biotechnology industry periodicals.     "Biotechnology World" magazine highlights practical and forward-looking, covering mainly the screening drugs and vaccines and research and development, health, genomics, agriculture, food, environmental protection and IT information field, a product-based, technology-oriented topics as the core ; practical and forward-looking co-existence, Technology and Business Integration, both professional and comprehensive, the biotechnology industry will be reported to government policies, policy environment, investment trends and market research.     "Biotechnology World" magazine readers mainly engaged in research, production and application of industry personnel, technology decision-makers, managers, investors and buyers. Readers are concentrated in large pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, research institutes (National Key Laboratory of Biotechnology), institutions (professionals, research managers), as well as government decision-makers. (Translated by machine.)